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Opening Concert

Friday, 16 October 2020
KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst

Am Sudhaus 3, 12053 Berlin

Please note : due to COVID19-related travel restrictions, Helge Slaatto and Frank Reinecke were unable to perform live at Harmonic Space 2020

Visual Installation

Light rope spiral | Mareike Yin‑Yee Lee & Catalina Fernandez

Inspired by Catherine Lamb’s work with spiral visualisations of harmonic space

Phases (detail) | Mareike Yin‑Yee Lee

Site specific installation

Postal Pieces (1965–71)

Projections of James Tenney’s scores

Part 1

For Ann (rising) (1969/2020) | James Tenney

M.O. Abbott, Tomoko Ono, Thomas Nicholson, Marc Sabat (continuum fingerboard)

Harmonium #7 (2000) | James Tenney

The Harmonic Space Orchestra:
M.O. Abbott (trombone), Johnny Chang (violin), Sam Dunscombe (clarinet), Judith Hamann (cello), Jonathan Heilbron (double bass), Catherine Lamb (viola), Rebecca Lane (quartertone bass flute), Thomas Nicholson (viola), Michiko Ogawa (clarinet), Lucy Railton (cello), Fredrik Rasten (guitar), Marc Sabat (violin), Chiyoko Szlavnics (soprano saxophone)

with Frank Reinecke (double bass), Helge Slaatto (violin)

Postal Pieces (1965–71) | James Tenney

I. BEAST for Buell Neidlinger – 7/30/71

Frank Reinecke (double bass)
Jonathan Heilbron (double bass)

II. A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROUND for Philip Corner – March 1970

Stine Janvin (voice)

Part 2

Postal Pieces (cont’d)

III. (night) for Harold Budd – 7/30/71

Johnny Chang, Catherine Lamb, Fredrik Rasten, Hannes Lingens

IV. KOAN for Malcolm Goldstein – 8/16/71

Helge Slaatto (violin)
Marc Sabat (violin)

V. MAXIMUSIC for Max Neuhaus – 6/16/65

Hannes Lingens (cymbal)
with the Harmonic Space Orchestra

VI. Swell Piece for Alison Knowles – 12/67

The Harmonic Space Orchestra with Tomoko Ono (continuum fingerboard)

Part 1

Postal Pieces (cont’d)

VII(a). Swell Piece No. 2 for Pauline Oliveros – March, 1971

The Harmonic Space Orchestra

VII(b). Swell Piece No. 3 with respect to La Monte Young and his COMPOSITION 1960, No. 7 – March, 1971

The Harmonic Space Orchestra

VIII. August Harp for Susan Allen – 8/17/71

Marta Garcia Gomez (harp)

IX. CELLOGRAM for Joel Krosnick – 8/17/71

Judith Hamann (cello)

X. Having Never Written a Note for Percussion for for John Bergamo – 8/6/71

Hannes Lingens (tam-tam)

Part 2

’Scend for Scelsi (1996) | James Tenney

Philipp Gerschlauer (alto saxophone)
with the Harmonic Space Orchestra, Elena Margarita Kakaliagou (horn), Sam Stoll (horn), Matthew Conley (trumpet), Hilary Jeffery (trombone), Frank Reinecke (double bass), Helge Slaatto (violin)